Learning About 'Wines of a Place'

     This summer, Niner Wine Estates in Paso Robles, Calif., will be hosting a wine education series, with topics ranging from “The Basics of Wine Tasting” to “The Essence of Wine and Food Pairing.”

     One of the more interesting sessions promises to be one entitled, “A Sense of Place.”

     Here’s the course description…

     “The French have a term they use to describe the unique characteristics of wine and other regional foods like cheese, meats and poultry. They call it terroir.

     “Loosely translated, it means ‘a sense of place’ – the unique qualities of a wine or food product directly related to the region of the world where it is made. It’s the soil, the plants and animals that live in the surrounding environment, the climate and the cultural traditions and practices that make the area unique and affect flavor.

     “This class will take you through several unique ‘terroirs’ by comparing wines from Paso Robles to other famous wine-growing regions of the world.”

     Class prices vary; this one costs $40, and session dates for 2010 are July 10, August 7 and September 11.

     For the complete class schedule or to make a reservation, visit ninerwine.com.

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