A Quick Quiz to Test Your Wine Knowledge

     Think you know a lot about wine?

     Test your knowledge – and perhaps learn something new – with this quick quiz. You’ll find the answers below question No. 5.

     1. The ancient Romans were the first to identify grape varieties and understand that exposure to air could harm wine and hasten its aging. What did they add to their containers of wine to protect the liquid from air?

     2. Who was the “father of California wine”?

     3. What is a “Meritage” wine?

     4. What do Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico Riserva and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo all have in common – aside from being wines of Italy?

     5. What is a commonly used name for Sauvignon Blanc?

     How did you do? Let’s find out. Here are the answers…

     1. Olive oil, which would float to the top of the container, forming a protective a layer.

     2. Franciscan monk Junipero Serra, who established missions – and planted grapevines – up and down the California coast during the 1770s.

     3. It’s a Bordeaux-style blend crafted mainly by California vintners. By the way, the word often is mispronounced in a French-sounding way: mare-ih-TAJ. It actually rhymes with heritage, and was invented as a melding of the words merit and heritage.

     4. All are made from the Sangiovese grape.

     5. Fume Blanc, christened by Napa Valley wine pioneer Robert Mondavi to distinguish his then-new dry-style bottling from a sweet style of Sauvignon Blanc he already was making. Today, some vintners use the Fume Blanc name to designate a Sauvignon Blanc wine that has been aged in oak barrels, but there is no “legal” definition of Fume Blanc.

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