Champagne Wishes and Good Health Dreams

     Remember the TV series “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”?

     Host Robin Leach would take viewers inside the homes of celebrities and other highly compensated people so they could demonstrate, in essence, how to spend money.

     If we’re remembering Leach’s signature sign-off correctly, he would end each program by wishing viewers “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”

     Or it may have been “caviar wishes and Champagne dreams.”

     You get the point.

     Well, as it turns out, when Leach was wishing we commoners the opportunity to enjoy Champagne on a more frequent basis, he also was dispensing medical advice.

     A study conducted at the University of Reading, with the cooperation of biomechanical and molecular biology centers in Reims (part of the Champagne region of France), has revealed certain health benefits associated with the moderate consumption of Champagne.

     The study found that those who imbibe in bubbly have elevated levels of nitric oxide, a condition that could help lower the risk of developing blood clots.

     The key components appear to be polyphenols, which have been shown in numerous studies to offer measurable health benefits. Those polyphenols are most abundant in red wines, and since Champagne is made with both red and white grapes, the benefits are similar.

     Who knew Robin Leach was so smart?

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