A Wine Label You Can Believe In

     Yesterday here on VinesseTODAY.com, we urged you to take a “buyer beware” approach when it came to reading and interpreting a wine label.

     We pointed out that certain words and phrases infer a higher level of quality but, in fact, carry no legal meaning.

     Today, however, we’d like to point out a label that’s actually worth seeking out.

     The latest addition to Ledson Winery’s “Harmony Collection” of wines is “Baby Bull” Zinfandel, named in honor of baseball hall of famer Orlando Cepeda.

     The 1958 National League Rookie of the Year was one of the first Latino players to break through in the major leagues, and his 17-year career included an MVP season in 1967.

     Cepeda’s nickname was “Baby Bull,” and proceeds from the sale of “Baby Bull” Zinfandel will benefit the Harmony Foundation for Children and the San Francisco Junior Giants Program.

     The wine is pretty good, but the cause is fabulous – and that’s what makes buying a bottle of “Baby Bull” Zin worthwhile.

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