Achieving Burger Bliss

     For 20 years, Sutter Home Winery has sponsored the “Build a Better Burger Contest,” which this year will award a $100,000 prize.

     To mark the anniversary of the contest, contest judge James McNair and Sutter Home executive chef Jeffrey Starr have written a wonderful book called “Burger Parties,” published by Ten Speed Press.

     It’s packed with recipes that are perfect for summertime grilling.

     If you’re planning to grill a lot of burgers in the coming months, this book will help keep the meals interesting, as the recipes include a number of ingredients not normally associated with hamburgers.

     As with all foods, selecting a wine to pour with a burger involves matching the wine to the dominant flavor of the dish.

     Merlot and Syrah are good “go-to” pairing partners, but if there’s a spicy component involved, you may want to lean toward a Zinfandel.

     One thing’s for sure: If you love burgers, you’ll love this book.

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