Expanded Label Information

     Should wine labels be required to include nutritional information?

     It’s an ongoing debate, with many people in the wine industry opposed to the idea, even as the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau works on a revised set of rules.

     The opposition is based mainly on the amount of work that would be involved to include the information. Wineries already have to jump through hoops with “compliance” rules and regulations, and including nutritional information would just add to the pile of paperwork.

     That said, the industry actually could benefit from making such information readily available to the general public, considering how wine stacks up against other beverages one finds in the typical supermarket.

     Consider this: The average serving of red wine – “average” being 5 ounces – has right around 120 calories.

     Compare that to a typical serving of your favorite non-diet soda, and you can see why it really wouldn’t be such a bad thing to include the information on a wine label.

     Other than the extra paperwork and people hours involved.

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