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Collector Now Has All 20 'Judgment of Paris' Wines

The “Judgment of Paris” is undoubtedly the most famous wine tasting in history.

It was at that 1976 gathering in France that French judges – tasting blind – gave higher ratings to a number of American bottlings than to their French counterparts.

It’s the event that put American wine – and California wine, in particular – on the world wine map…

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Rose: It's Not Just for Drinking Anymore

What’s that? You didn’t finish that bottle of Rose with dinner last night, and tonight’s dinner calls for a white wine?

No worries. If you have about half-a-bottle left, you have enough wine to make this fun and refreshing dessert – a Rose jelly, mixed with fresh fruit.

This recipe makes four servings, but keep one thing in mind: The jelly itself will need about four hours of chilling time…

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New Book Tells Untold Story of a Forgotten Grape

Ask just about anyone about American wine, and chances are they’ll think of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay… or perhaps White Zinfandel.

And they’re very likely to mention the Napa Valley, which is, after all, America’s most famous wine region.

What they almost certainly won’t know is that winemaking on the North American continent originated more than two centuries ago in the soils of Virginia and Missouri…

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New Wine Discoveries in New Mexico

About 400 years ago, Don Juan de Onate led a small band of Spanish colonists from New Spain (now Mexico) northward, up the trail that would later be known as El Camino Real.

Their mission: to settle the fertile valleys of the upper Rio Grande.

With the colonists came Franciscan monks who needed wine for their daily mass. Only a small sip was required – but it had to be wine…

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The 4-1-1 on M.W.

QUESTION: I’ve seen the initials “M.W.” appear after the name of the sommelier on restaurant menus. What do they stand for?

ANSWER: Master of Wine. And it’s an impressive designation because qualifying for it requires about two years of time…

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Avoiding Culinary Divorce Court

The marriage between food and wine is very similar to a marriage between two human beings.

In both cases, for instance, there needs to be a whole lot of give and take.

In a human marriage, one spouse may be a sports fanatic, while the other couldn’t tell you the difference between a field goal and a slam dunk…

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'Winemaker of the Year' Honors for Niner's Cramer

Niner Wine Estates’ winemaker, Amanda Cramer, took home two double-gold medals, best Bordeaux blend honors and the distinction of “Winemaker of the Year” from the 2010 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

Producing estate-grown wines for Niner Wine Estates since 2004, Cramer studied enology and viticulture at U.C. Davis before receiving hands-on experience during harvests in Napa Valley, South Australia and Chile…

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Sonoma-Cutrer Hangs Out the 'Welcome' Sign

For the first time, Sonoma-Cutrer Winery has opened its doors to the public, showcasing its newly renovated tasting room and offering tours of its world-class winery.

While Sonoma-Cutrer has been making award-winning wines for more than two decades, this is the first time visitors have had the opportunity to see first-hand how its grapes are grown and crafted into renowned wines. 

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The Great Cork Debate Gets Social

First, there were problems with some corks failing to do an adequate job of keeping air out of wine bottles. (Exposure to air hastens a wine’s aging process, causing it to reach its prime before its time.)

Next, several companies developed alternative bottle closures. Over time, the screwcap became the preferred alternative.

Then, seeing their market share and livelihoods threatened, growers of cork trees began to fight back….

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'J' Jerseys Help Fight Against Cancer

J Vineyards & Winery has introduced two new cycling jerseys that will benefit ongoing efforts to fight breast and blood cancer.

“Cycling is an important charitable fundraising tool in the fight against cancer,” said J founder and President Judy Jordan. “When you combine this with the fact that Sonoma County has become an important global destination for cycling enthusiasts, it seemed only natural for us to be involved.”…

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