The Great Cork Debate Gets Social

First, there were problems with some corks failing to do an adequate job of keeping air out of wine bottles. (Exposure to air hastens a wine’s aging process, causing it to reach its prime before its time.)

Next, several companies developed alternative bottle closures. Over time, the screwcap became the preferred alternative.

Then, seeing their market share and livelihoods threatened, growers of cork trees began to fight back.

The latest salvo in “The Great Cork Debate” was fired last week. In a press release, announced that it has “rapidly exceeded 15,000 Facebook fans and that an overwhelming number of their comments support the use of natural cork wine stoppers.”

Of course, that type of support is to be expected considering that anyone who signs on with a company/entity on Facebook is considered a “fan” of that company/entity.

“The initial response to the 100% Cork campaign has been phenomenal,” said Peter Weber, executive director of the Cork Quality Council, one of the campaign’s supporters. “We expect the campaign to continue gathering strength as more consumers learn about the benefits of cork – especially to the environment – further widening the gap between natural cork and synthetic wine stoppers.”

The Facebook page has attracted more than 15,000 fans since its launch on May 20. Of those, 69 percent are women, with the vast majority between the ages of 35 and 44. As of July 16, the campaign’s Facebook page had elicited 658 fan comments, 90 percent of which were in favor of natural cork wine stoppers.

We expect a Screwcap fan page to launch any day now…

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