The World of Wine: Low-Tech and High-Tech

* Stainless steel tanks are not the only containers in which wine can be stored so that its natural fruitfulness is preserved (i.e., without added flavor accents from oak barrels).

In Italy, growing numbers of vintners are embracing containers used by the ancient Romans and Greeks: clay amphorae.

Modern amphorae are being made in Italy, Spain and the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Another factor impacting the trend: cost. Unlike oak barrels, amphorae don’t need to be replaced every few years.

* And just when you thought there was an iPhone app for everything, along comes “Wine DJ” from Hope Family Wines.

The app enables the user to select the type of wine they’ll be drinking (from Hope Family, of course) plus a specific mood, and a music playlist is then generated.

The playlist is sourced from, and the app can be downloaded for free from

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