New Wine Resort Planned for U.S./Canada Border

On the United States side of the border, it’s known as the Okanogan Valley. On the Canadian side, it’s spelled Okanagan – with a third A instead of a second O.

But no matter how you spell it, a new wine resort is coming to the U.S./Canadian border.

It’s a joint effort involving:

* A real estate developer

* A respected vintner from Washington’s Walla Walla growing region

* A man known as the godfather of Okanagan (with an A) viticulture

Legends Resort Ltd. of Kelowna, B.C., has developed a 10-acre vineyard, and now will be making wine as part of the Veranda Beach development.

The first Barbera grapes from the vineyard will be harvested this fall, and their quality will go a long way in determining the potential for the venture.

Stay tuned…

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