They Said It… Our Editor Responds

* Said a leading Russian health official after Russia banned wine imports from the former Soviet republic of Moldova: “The wine should be used to paint fences.”

Says our editor: Hey, it’s always important to have a nice, strong base coat.

* Said Paul Leary of Napa Valley’s Blackbird Vineyards: “Mother Nature gives us something new each year. That’s the beauty and the pain of agriculture.”

Says our editor: As a guy at the gym tells me on an almost daily basis: “No pain, no gain.”

* Said author Maq De Villiers, quoted in Karen MacNeil’s annual wine calendar: “Even the most inspired red Bordeaux, that cunning mixture of Cabernet and Merlot, can’t fill the head with spiced dreams quite like the great Burgundies. No other red wine can balance spice and fruit so flirtatiously, can seem at once so ripe and fragile, so decadent and clean, so irresistible. And, it’s fair to say, no other red wines can drive the poor writer to such extravagant prolixity.”

Says our editor: Excuse me… I have to go look up “prolixity.”

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