Put a Cork in It!

You name a topic or special interest, and chances are there is a cork stopper that depicts it.

The cork stopper was invented to re-seal wine bottles – either temporarily, as in while a meal is being consumed, or overnight, if a bottle hasn’t been finished off. The  cork portion of the stopper is tapered so that it can fit easily, but still snugly, in the bottle top.

Is there a golfer in the family? Beaucoup offers a stopper topped by a beautifully cut acrylic golf ball; it looks much like a ball sitting on a tee. www.beau-coup.com

Is bowling more up your alley? Etsy stocks bottle stoppers that are topped with figurines from vintage bowling trophies. www.etsy.com

For the animal lover, Amazon.com lists bottle stoppers topped with specific breeds of dogs (boxer, fox terrier, Chihuahua, cocker spaniel, etc.). There’s even a Holstein cow stopper – appropriate for sealing those unfinished bottles of creamy Chardonnay.

Grape clusters and other vinous visions are popular topper topics, and are offered by companies such as Netique (www.netique.com) and Artfire (www.artfire.com).

But if you’re not looking to “make a statement,” and simply seek a utilitarian bottle stopper, Crate & Barrel can fill your need for less than $3. www.crateandbarrel.com

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