Penfolds Schedules Red Wine Re-corking Clinics

Australia’s Penfolds Winery has announced the return of the Penfolds Red Wine Re-Corking Clinics to North America.

The ultimate in “after-sales” customer service, the Re-Corking Clinics provide a health assessment of aging Penfolds red wines, free of charge, to Penfolds wine collectors and the wine trade.

The 2010 clinics, hosted by Chief Winemaker Peter Gago, will be held:

* September 27 in New York City

* October 1 in Dallas

* October 6 in Los Angeles

The Penfolds Re-Corking Clinics provide owners of aged Penfolds red wines (15 years or older) the opportunity to have their wines assessed and, if necessary, opened, tasted, topped off, re-corked and re-capsuled on the spot.

Once re-corked, a special back label is applied to approved bottles, signed and dated by the winemaker or certified assessor. These back labels are particularly useful when trading Penfolds wines on the auction market, as well as for collectors wishing to maintain records of the condition of their wine.

Christie’s Auction House representatives will be on hand at each of the upcoming clinics to offer attendees a market appraisal and certification of their wines.

“Since 1991, Penfolds has held clinics in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America, and has opened more than 100,000 bottles of wine,” notes Gago. “We’re the only winery in the world to stage Red Wine Re-Corking Clinics for the public on such a large scale, highlighting Penfolds’ quality commitment to loyal red wine enthusiasts everywhere.”

Collectors who own a Penfolds red wine that is at least 15 years old and would like to participate in one of the 2010 Re-Corking Clinics should email or call 707-299-3252. Reservations are mandatory and early registration is highly recommended.

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