Back-To-School Reading

Do you have “reading time” in your household?

We always did in mine, but I took it a step further than most parents. While my daughter was reading – anything she wanted, as long as the TV was off and she actually was reading – I would do the same thing.

And now she’s carrying on the tradition with her kids, who seem much more willing to hit the books when Mom and/or Dad are doing the same thing.

If you’re looking for a good wine book for reading time or any time, I have a couple of suggestions…

1. Spelunkers rejoice! A new book called “Into the Earth” has been published by Daniel D’Agostini and Molly Chappellet, and it’s devoted entirely to wine caves of the Napa Valley.

The goal was to illustrate the diversity of caves in the valley, which are used for aging wines under ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

Considering there are more than 100 caves in Napa, it was no small undertaking – but it was beautifully executed with stunning photography.

Several wineries in the valley are selling the book, and it’s also available at Martin Design in St. Helena.

2. Ever wonder what celebrities drink when they drink wine? Wonder no more, as the answers can be found in a just-released book by Mark Oldman called “Oldman’s Brave New World: Pleasure, Value and Adventure Beyond Wine’s Usual Suspects.”

The main purpose of the book is to introduce the reader to some of the “under-the-radar” varieties that one may miss when perusing a restaurant wine list or wine-by-the-glass list. Included are comments and suggestions from more than 130 wine lovers, including actress Jodie Foster, food celebrity Guy Fieri, designer Zac Posen, “Science Guy” Bill Nye and singer-songwriter Al Stewart.

Among the revelations of Stewart – most famous for his hit single, “The Year of the Cat” – are times he has imagined himself sitting in a Parisian bistro, and the time he actually drank Tori Amos’ boyfriend under the table.

You can’t drink wine all the time, but I’ve found that reading about it is the next best thing.

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