Grape Stomping 101

Bet you didn’t know that there are “rules” associated with stomping grapes. Well, there are – if you’re entered in the 17th annual Calaveras Grape Stomp, that is.

The event will be held in conjunction with the Gold Rush Street Fair in Murphys, Calif., on Oct. 2. And you can’t enter by yourself; competitive grape stomping in Calaveras requires two people – a stomper and a swabber.

The stomper, of course, stomps the grapes that are placed in a barrel. The swabber stands outside the barrel and catches the juice in the buckets provided.

But be aware of Rule #2, and we quote: “A screen must completely cover the drain spout inside the barrel at all times. Any team removing the screen is subject to disqualification.”

And then there’s Rule #4: “Teams enter the competition at their own risk.” Sounds like a lawyer came up with that one.

There are 11 rules in all, but #11 is the most important: “Have fun.”

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