Pre-Weekend Words of Wine Wisdom

What do Winston Churchill and sommelier Andrea Kramer have in common?


Specifically, words of wisdom about wine.

You’ll find observations by them and a few other folks below – a good way to get you thinking about which bottle of wine you’re going to open this weekend…

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“We live very simply here but with all the essentials well understood and provided for – hot baths, cold Champagne, new peas and old Brandy.”

– Winston Churchill, in a letter to his brother about his summer house

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“Winemaking must consume you, or your wines may not be worth consuming.”

– Saxon Browne Wines winemaker Jeff Gaffner, quoted in Karen MacNeil’s annual desk calendar

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“Wine and food are meant to be enjoyed together – and that holds true whether you’re having a five-course gourmet meal or a take-out burrito.”

– Master Sommelier and author Andrea Robinson

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“Where and how a grapevine grows has a direct impact on the way a wine tastes. Everything that touches a vineyard contributes to a sense of place, beginning with the soil and climate and including the people involved and everything they do.”

– Napa Valley winemaker Cathy Corison, quoted in Bill Daley’s “Uncorked” column in the Chicago Tribune

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