More Buildings or More Wine?

What one person perceives as progress could be interpreted by another as a tragedy. That is simply the way of the world – particularly the business world.

And that is why Paul Holloway, the State Planning Minister for Adelaide, Australia, finds himself in a most uncomfortable position.

Holloway must decide whether to give the green light to a proposal that would see the construction of 1,200 homes and a major shopping mall, or preserve what many consider to be Adelaide’s finest undeveloped vineyard site.

It’s a classic case of big business pitted against agriculture preservationists. Of course, in reality, it’s business vs. business, as grape growing and winemaking are businesses, too.

The proposed development is situated at the gateway to the McLaren Vale wine region, which exasperates the situation among growers and vintners.

On the other hand, the Australian wine industry has been hit particularly hard by the global economic downturn, leading some to opine that the country already is over-planted with grapevines.

What to do? Reportedly, Minister Holloway’s rendering of a decision on the matter is “imminent.”

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