Bonterra Helps Support Urban Farming Initiative

As one of the world’s leading producers of wine made from organically grown grapes, Bonterra has partnered with Growing Power, an organization focused on providing communities with healthy foods, to raise awareness and funds for urban farming.

The partnership began with an online fundraising campaign where Bonterra doanted $20,000 to local urban farming organizations in as many as 10 cities with the goal of turning this investment into $100,000 during organic harvest month.


“At Bonterra, we believe people everywhere should have access to sustainable, healthy, and true food. It’s why since 1987 we have been crafting award-winning wines from organic grapes,” said John Tichenor, Bonterra’s brand director. “We’re proud to partner with Growing Power as our goal is to not only raise funds for these urban farming organizations, but also to help engage people across the country in the urban farming movement so these local groups can grow and produce more food for their communities.”


The success of both Bonterra and Growing Power is linked to the power of true, organic soil. Bonterra is committed to organic farming and is helping spread Growing Power’s message of bringing healthy food to all communities.

Bonterra, which literally means “good earth,” uses only organic practices in growing its grapes – no synthetic pesticides or chemicals are used in its farming. Similarly, Growing Power, which is dedicated to creating a food-secure community, focuses on composting, the soil, and natural farming practices.


The Campaign for Urban Farming recognized participating farm organizations at the Growing Power National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference in September, with representatives from each of the selected organizations in attendance.

Hosted by Growing Power and Will Allen, the conference taught attendees how to plan, develop and grow small farms in urban and rural areas.

Sustainable agriculture is a surging trend in the U.S., and both Bonterra and Growing Power aim to further expand this movement. Statistics show that 84% of Americans want access to fresher, safer foods, which is the ultimate goal of the urban farming initiative.

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