The Rolls Royce of Olive Oil

Some call olive oil “the great life extender.” It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and while it’s 100 percent fat… it’s the good kind of fat.

There is an Israeli woman who claims to be 120 years old, and credits her longevity to drinking a glass of olive oil each day. A full glass may not be necessary, but we do know that vitamin E helps prevent heart disease and numerous other disorders.

For a special (not to mention expensive) indulgence, try the limited-production, ultra-premium olive oil from the Kritsa region of Crete, known as Lambda.

This oil is made utilizing the method of common pressing – the Koroneiki olives are cold-pressed within eight hours of being picked, producing a flavor of intense freshness and fruitfulness. The oil is then bottled by hand by highly trained personnel.

Lambda is among the most expensive cooking oils on any market shelf; it’s known as the Rolls Royce of olive oils. It boasts extremely low acidity and an unforgettable after-flavor.

Shipped in a stylish bottle, the packaging emulates the prestige of the oil. That makes it a wonderful gift for the best friends on your holiday shopping list.

A standard bottle runs around $50, but if you do a little Googling, you also can order it in a (very) special signature gift box for around $200.

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