Forging a New Reputation for Marlborough

The Marlborough growing region of New Zealand produces some of the most coveted bottlings of Sauvignon Blanc in the world.

But five vintners there have banded together to let the world know that Marlborough is not a one-variety appellation. They have formed MANA – the Marlborough Natural Winegrowers – and according to The Drinks Business, MANA goes so far as to exclude Sauvignon Blanc producers from membership.

The focus of MANA’s promotional efforts is to educate consumers about the organic and biodynamic farming methods that its members embrace. Any other Marlborough estates that share the “natural winegrowing” philosophy are welcome to join – as long as they don’t make Sauvignon Blanc.

Marcus Pickens, general manager of the Wine Marlborough marketing group, told The Drinks Business: “It is a sign of the continuing evolution of Marlborough as a wine region when wineries can identify common unifying threads that allow them to pursue a goal that in wine should be overarching – quality.”

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