The 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day #6

The annual Thanksgiving feast can generate a great deal of waste, and not just in terms of the amount of food prepared.

Here are four ways to plan a more “green” Thanksgiving:

1. Car pool. Ask one guest to be a designated driver, and ask him or her to pick up other people who live within a reasonable distance. It’s better to have just one car on the road than two or three; every little bit helps.

2. Serve water from the faucet. Even if it means breaking down and buying a filter. We could devote an entire issue to how much waste is produced by plastic water bottles.

3. Take a homegrown approach to decorating. Pick flowers from your garden to make arrangements, or decorate with a pumpkin and turn the “inside” into a pie. Either approach beats buying hot-house flowers.

4. Cook less. We’ve yet to see a Thanksgiving meal that gets eaten in its entirety. Truth be told, a lot of those leftovers go to waste, too. So, this year, don’t overdo it, and help your guests avoid diet disasters.

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