The 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day #7

Want to add a stylish twist to a simple dish?

It’s easy – if you know which seasoning to select.

Here are a few ideas, straight from the Vinesse test kitchen…

* Grind peppercorns to bring almost any salad to life, or combine them with extra virgin olive oil and salt, and toss the mixture with pasta. They also add a tasty kick to balsamic vinegar.

* Oregano can be added to meatballs, pasta salads and pizza sauces. It also can be sprinkled on grilled eggplant and zucchini, sautéed with mushrooms, or blended into tomato sauces. And it will make you think differently about chili.

* Herbs de Provence – a mix of aromatic Mediterranean herbs such as fennel, rosemary, lavender, thyme and savory – can be crumbled onto a tomato and mozzarella pizza, or added to grilled zucchini and peppers. If you like olives, add a dusting of herbs de Provence and then warm them in olive oil. For a special treat, add the herbs to roast chicken or grilled swordfish.

* If you’re a fan of twice-baked potatoes, add a sprinkle of sweet paprika for a new (and wonderful) culinary experience. Sweet paprika also should be part of any spice rub for barbecued pork ribs.

* Rosemary is an aromatic, flavorful complement to a leg of lamb. You can also pair it with garlic in marinades for pork, or sprinkle it with crumbled feta over focaccia.

And if you want to add a different twist to your holiday turkey, rub rosemary directly on the bird prior to cooking.

Your nose will thank you.

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