Harvest Reports for the Holidays: Temecula and San Diego County

We conclude our series of reports on the California winegrape harvest with information from the far-southern part of the state…


Les Linkogle, owner of Briar Rose Winery, offers these comments:

“The 2010 vintage brought an outstanding growing season. The moist coastal breeze cooled the vines in the evening amid warm summer days. An unusual amount of rain kept the vines naturally hydrated.

“The hot days of summer just prior to harvest produced outstanding fruit with rich and velvety tannins. The climate also brought rich, deep color and bursting flavors on the reds. The intense sun produced a beautiful golden texture on the Viognier berry skins, yielding exceptional fruit.”


Alex McGeary, owner/winemaker at Shadow Mountain Vineyards and Winery, concludes our harvest report series with these observations:

“The season started out well, although lower and higher elevations experienced higher than average amounts of late killing frost on May 23. The spring was cool and overcast, vine growth and canopies were full and lush, and evo-transpiration and irrigation sets were less all season. Relative humidity and powdery mildew were up with more control applications, taking a toll of 15 percent in the most vulnerable varieties that we grow.

“Overall, the harvest was up and good, with a 20 percent increase for three years in a row. That’s good as San Diego County wineries continue to open with a need for grapes.”

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