Wine Offers Endless Pasta-bilities

It should come as no surprise that Italy is the pasta capital of the world.

According to the IPO – that’s the International Pasta Organization, not the call that goes out when a company decides to “go public” – Italians consume, on average, 57 pounds of pasta per year.

That’s more than twice as much as any other country’s residents. Venezuela ranks second – a distant second – with average consumption of 27 pounds per person.

Rounding out the top six:

3. Tunisia – 26 pounds of pasta per person.

4. Greece – 23 pounds.

5. Switzerland – 21 pounds.

6. (tie) Sweden and the United States – 20 pounds.

Pasta is a great food for wine lovers because it offers so many pairing possibilities. The pairing should be based on the type of sauce used, since pasta itself has little flavor.

Of course, the best sauce of all is homemade sauce – perhaps made from a family recipe that has been passed down through the generations. And on a cold winter night, nothing warms the soul like a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine.

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