Psst… Want to Hear a Secret?

One of the “dirty little secrets” of the wine world revolves around an American Viticultural Area in California’s Sonoma County known as the Alexander Valley.

The valley sits due west of the much more famous Napa Valley, but many wine writers will tell you that the Cabernet Sauvignon made there rivals that of its Napa neighbors.

Better still for those of us who love to drink Cabernet, it’s typically priced much lower. In some cases, you can buy three or four bottles of Alexander Valley Cab for the price of a single comparable bottle from Napa Valley.

Many Napa Valley winemakers acknowledge this… off the record, of course.

If you’d like to try a number of Cabernet Sauvignon bottlings from the Alexander Valley – not to mention a wide array of other varieties – an event known as “Taste Alexander Valley” provides a wonderful opportunity.

The opening gala of the 2011 “Taste” is scheduled for May 20, and then the 14th annual celebration of wine and food kicks into high gear on the 21st and 22nd.

Organizers promise attendees three things:

1. World-class wines.

2. Tantalizing food.

3. Breathtaking views.

Not to mention an opportunity to get in on one of the wine world’s unspoken secrets.

To learn more about “Taste Alexander Valley,” visit:

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