A Pioneer in Organic Farming Passes Away

Marcel Lapierre believed strongly in a “minimalist” approach to winemaking, and he practiced what he preached at his estate in the Morgon appellation of France’s Burgundy region.

Part of his philosophy involved embracing organic viticulture by eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides in his vineyard.

Today, that would make him a participant in France’s so-called “natural wine” movement. But in the 1980s, when Lapierre began implementing his philosophy, it made him a pioneer.

Jules Chauvet, who promoted organic farming even earlier, was Lapierre’s mentor.

Sadly, Lapierre passed away late last year following a long illness. He was just 60. Happily, his son has taken over operation of the family vineyard and winery, and plans to continue Marcel Lapierre’s groundbreaking work in organic viticulture.

Posted in Wine and the Environment
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