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Chilean Wine Company Buys Fetzer

Wineries can be small, family-operated

They also can be big businesses. Very

We were reminded of this recently when Brown-Forman sold
Fetzer Vineyards in Mendocino County, California, to Chilean wine
producer Vina Concha y Toro.

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Malbec is on a Roll

If there were any doubts that Malbec is the wine variety of the
moment, sales figures recently released by the Symphony IRI Group
(SIRI) put them to rest.

SIRI compiles data based on
items scanned at major supermarkets and drug stores. For the first
quarter of 2011, dollar sales at retail for wines from Argentina
increased by an impressive 34 percent.

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What Makes Wine "Legs" Nice?

QUESTION: My wife and I were at a tasting room recently, when I
heard one of the other customers say, “Nice legs!” After I figured out
that the guy wasn’t making a move on my wife, I asked the woman behind
the bar what that meant.

She said, “‘legs’ refer to the little droplets of wine that run
down the inside of a glass after the wine has been swirled.” I guess my
next question is, “What makes those ‘legs’ nice?”

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New Flavors Coming to Farmers' Markets

Some of the best farmers’ markets anywhere in the country are
held in the state of Washington–which makes sense, since the Evergreen
State has a climate that’s favorable to a wide variety of

Well, some of those farmers’ markets are about
to get even better, thanks to a bill signed by Governor Chris

The bill green-lights a limited number of
farmers’ markets to offer samples of beer and wine for

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