Grgich Hills: Now 100% Biodynamic

All 366 acres of the Grgich Hills Estate in the Napa Valley are certified Biodynamic by the Demeter Association.

Although the estate had used pesticides sparingly in the past, it began farming organically in 2000. In 2002, Vice President of Vineyards and Production Ivo Jeramaz became interested in Biodynamics after attending a lecture by French Biodynamics pioneer Nicolas Jay.

The next year, Grgich Hills faced a crisis: Cabernet Sauvignon vines planted in 1959 had contracted red leaf virus. Experts recommended pulling them out and starting over.

Instead, Grgich Hills switched to Biodynamic farming, and the vines were saved.

Today, the grapes grown on those vines produce richer fruit flavors in the resulting wines, and Grgich Hills has converted its entire vineyard to Biodynamic farming.

Posted in Wine and the Environment
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