The Man Who Helped Make "Napa" Special

Andy Beckstoffer, featured in yesterday’s preview of the 2011 Auction Napa Valley, was a leader in developing a winery definition ordinance that required Napa wineries to focus on making wines from Napa grapes.

By the time the litigious dust (from Rutherford and elsewhere in the valley) had settled, wineries could no longer include “Napa” in their names if the grapes they used to make their wines were grown elsewhere.

Through the years, Beckstoffer Vineyards has researched, promoted and implemented the latest in modern viticulture techniques. The “Heritage Vineyards” have been farmed with the very best that art and science can offer, and have produced some of the most famous and highly-rated wines in the world. That’s why the Beckstoffer lot to be featured at Auction Napa Valley is so special.

Today, Beckstoffer Vineyards is the largest family, non-corporate vineyard owner in Napa Valley. Vineyard holdings include several of the valley’s most historic and pedigreed vineyards, including Las Piedras (established in 1841), Missouri Hopper (1850), Dr. Crane (1857), To Kalon (1865), Bourn (1872), and Georges III (1895).

A pioneer in environmental awareness, technical development, sustainable farming and business practices, Beckstoffer Vineyards is the largest seller of luxury premium wine grapes (primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) in California’s North Coast growing region.

Beckstoffer Vineyards delivers grapes to more than 50 wineries, sourcing the finest grapes for vineyard-designated (or single-site) wines to more than 20 luxury premium wineries.

In a 2009 Wine Spectator review of California Cabernets, nearly 40% of the top-rated 25 wines were grown by Andy Beckstoffer.

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