New Flavors Coming to Farmers' Markets

Some of the best farmers’ markets anywhere in the country are held in the state of Washington–which makes sense, since the Evergreen State has a climate that’s favorable to a wide variety of crops.

Well, some of those farmers’ markets are about to get even better, thanks to a bill signed by Governor Chris Gregoire.

The bill green-lights a limited number of farmers’ markets to offer samples of beer and wine for purchase.

Beginning September 1, ten farmers’ markets will begin testing the 14-month pilot program. Under the rather strict guidelines, customers will be allowed to sample up to two 2-ounce pours of beer and/or wine.

Guidelines also require the beer or wine purveyor to offer food to those imbibing, or be located adjacent to a food vendor.

The idea is for local brewers and vintners to have a venue for promoting their products–just as other farmers do.

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