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A Wine Estate Invitation That You Can't Refuse

Francis Ford Coppola perhaps will always be best known for
bringing the story of “The Godfather” to life on the silver

But winemaking has been a Coppola family
tradition for several generations.

Agostino Coppola,
Francis Coppola’s grandfather, used to make wine in the basement of his
New York apartment building, using concrete vats that he constructed

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A Fond Farewell to Mike Lee

For the last six years, Mike Lee had been making wine for
Patianna Organic Vineyards in Mendocino County.

Lee, the job was a case of going back to his roots. He had started out
as a “small winemaker,” but his skills in the cellar seemed to dictate

That was the story of his tenure at Kenwood

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Heading South in Search of Grapevines

Do you know where the southernmost wine region in the world

Hint: It’s not in South

Give up?

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A Fun Dessert for the Holiday Weekend

Looking for a fun and unusual dessert to serve at your Memorial
Day weekend barbecue or backyard picnic?

MacNeil, author of the best-selling book, “The Wine Bible,” suggests
Weinsuppe, which she describes as “a sweet soup made by adding sugar and
aromatics to red or white wine.”

And she suggests
serving it with cookies.

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