The Ultimate Grill: Bring Money

Women may be responsible for a majority of wine purchases in America, but when it comes to buying a grill, well, that’s a man’s job.

Now that we have insulted a number of publics and at least one gender, let’s get on with the sales pitch. By the time we’re done, you’re going to think you’re at a car dealership (oops–just offended another group!).

You say you want nothing but the best? You say money is no object? Most importantly, you say you want to blow your neighbor’s grill out of the water or backyard or wherever?

Well, sir, step right over here. You’ve got to see this beauty.

When I say “BeefEater,” you probably think of gin. But this BeefEater is a company in Australia that makes barbecue grills. And take a look at this one–it’s the Signature Series 6-Burner SL4000.

It comes with the usual quartz-start ignition technology system, Vaporiser grid, roasting hood with viewing window and so on.

But this isn’t just any Signature Series 6-Burner SL4000. No, sir. This is a gold-plated Signature Series 6-Burner SL4000.

Look at it. All parts of the grill–except for the cooking surfaces, of course–have been individually plated in 24-carat gold. Let’s see your neighbor top that!

What’s that? How much? Well, sir, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it…

Okay, okay…if you must know. For you, sir–but only if you buy today–you can take this baby home for just $164,000.

*** Tomorrow, we wrap up Grilling Week with a look at the most barbecue-friendly wines.

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