The Perfect Chinese Restaurant "BYOB" Wine

QUESTION: We’re going to a BYOB (“bring your own bottle”) Chinese restaurant for dinner next week, and we like spicy dishes. Could you recommend a good bottle of wine for us to take along?

ANSWER: Check out yesterday’s “Wine FAQ” post. A wine such as the Kendall-Jackson Riesling described therein would be good.

Another solid choice: Gewurztraminer.

Not many California wineries make Gewurztraminer, mainly because it’s a difficult wine to market. When someone can’t pronounce the name of a product, they’re less likely to ask for it, and that explains why Gewurztraminer sits on supermarket and wine shop shelves longer than most any other variety.

If you’re timid about asking for Gewurztraminer at a restaurant, simply ask for “Guh-vertz.” They’ll know what you’re talking about.

P.S.: The next time you go to that Chinese restaurant, consider taking along a bottle of Gewurztraminer from Tarrica Wine Cellars–which is being featured in the next shipment from our Light & Sweet Wine Club.

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