Sparkling Secrets for Summertime Sipping

More than 40 percent of all Champagne is purchased during one month: December.

Which makes sense, since Champagne is the wine of celebrations, and the final month of the year offers plenty of reasons to party.

But a good deal of sparkling wine also is sold during the summer months for serving at weddings. Bubbly adds class to nuptials, and it’s the perfect wine for toasting the happy couple in style.

In case you’re called upon to open a bottle or two of Champagne this summer, here are a few helpful reminders…

  • All sparkling wine should be served well chilled.
  • Use a small knife or pair of scissors to cut and then remove the foil from the bottle top.
  • The wire hood, sometimes referred to as the cage, should be removed by turning the wine knob–similar to removing the tie from a bread bag.
  • With one hand, hold the bottle at its base. Place the other hand around the cork and hold it firmly.
  • Point the bottle away from yourself and away from guests. Flying corks can put out eyes or worse.
  • Slowly turn the bottle, and you’ll feel the bottled-up pressure begin to push the cork out of the bottle’s neck.

Performing this final task slowly is the key to preventing a stream of frothy wine from spilling out of the bottle. The goal is not to create a loud popping sound, but rather a quiet “poof.”

Do that, and you’ll have plenty of wine for everyone–so everyone can join in the toast.

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