T. rex and Tempranillo…Gemstones and Grenache

There’s always a lot to see and do at Chicago’s famed Field Museum. Just take a look at some of the special and/or permanent exhibits…

  • The Horse–Explore the profound relationship between horses and humans.
  • Design for a Living World–Get a captivating look into the synergies between conservation and design.
  • The Romance of Ants: Get a rare look at the life of Field Museum scientist Dr. Corrie Moreau, and learn how her childhood love for insects spurred a career dedicated to researching ants.
  • Whales: Giants of the Deep–Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world of whales.
  • DNA Discovery Center–DNA is the thread that connects all life, but what do you really known about it? Discover what DNA is, how it works, and what it can tell us about all life on Earth…including ourselves.
  • Evolving Planet–Journey through 4 billion years of life on Earth.
  • Inside Ancient Egypt–Unlock the secrets of tombs, mummies, marshes and more.
  • Grainger Hall of Gems–Marvel in the beauty and splendor of gemstones.
  • Hall of Jades–Discover the stone that is more than a stone.
  • The Ancient Americas–Step into the windswept world of Ice Age mammoth hunters. Walk through a replica of an 800-year-old pueblo dwelling and imagine your entire family cooking, eating and sleeping in one small room. Explore the Aztec empire and its island capital, Tenochtitlan, a city of more than 200,000 people and an extraordinary feat of engineering for any era.
  • The Tsavo Lions–Witness the amazing story behind Africa’s notorious man-eating lions of Tsavo.
  • Underground Adventure–Shrink to the size of a bug and discover the world beneath your feet.
  • Traditions Retold: Mexican Nativity Scenes–For centuries, Mexican artists have created nacimientos, or nativity scenes, with materials and symbols that reflect their own cultures and times.
  • SUE the T. rex–See the largest, most complete T. rex ever discovered.

At least one of those exhibit descriptions from the museum’s website must have whetted your appetite.

Normally, the Field closes its doors at 5 p.m. each day. But on June 17, those doors will re-open at 7 o’clock for a three-hour event called Toast of the Town.

And that’s why you’re reading about the Field here. Toast of the Town will be hosted by Wine Enthusiast magazine, and while guests check out their favorite exhibits, they also can sip wine (more than 500 bottles will be available) and nosh on food from more than 30 Chi-town restaurants.

Better still, it’s all for a good cause, as proceeds will benefit the museum’s educational program.

The cost is $109, but for $60 more, one can obtain a VIP ticket that entitles them to early entrance and reserve wines.

For further information, visit: toastofthetown.com

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