Wining and Dining in Montreal

Hankering for a French dining experience without traveling across a very large body of water to sate your appetite?

If you live in the Northeast, consider spending a long weekend in Montreal, where they walk the French walk, talk the French talk, and cook the French food.

In fact, you really don’t need to venture beyond the 2400 block of Notre Dame West, which is home to three sister restaurants that focus on French fare, each with its own vibe.

There’s McKiernan, where locals swear by the suckling-pig sandwich.

There’s Liverpool House, which boasts an affordably-priced classic bistro menu.

And there’s the star of the trio, a restaurant that goes by the name of Joe Beef, where chef Fred Morin seamlessly melds French classics with his own creative culinary delights.

Thanks to sommelier David McMillan, there’s always at least one wine selection that pairs perfectly with any given dish–a must when seeking an authentic French dining experience.

Click here for more information on these restaurants.

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