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It’s 2005 All Over Again: Wine Trumps Beer

I can remember that day in 2005 vividly. It was a day on which I felt vindicated for choosing wine as my adult beverage of choice. I’ve never been snobbish about wine, but there will always be people who make the “wine-and-snob” connection regardl…

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Pioneers of Santa Barbara’s Wine Culture

Pierre Lafond and Bruce McGuire are largely responsible for the “wine country” culture that exists in California’s Santa Barbara County today. They’re also largely responsible for my personal interest in dessert wines. More on that in a moment… …

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Sonoma Valley: A Special Place for Wine

California’s Sonoma Valley is one of those special places on Earth—a place where high-quality winegrapes can be grown and used for making high-quality wine. So what makes Sonoma Valley so special? It’s blessed with rich soil, ample sun, cool seaso…

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Protecting Bottles and the Wine Inside Them

Would you pay $28 to protect a $10 bottle of wine that you’re hauling from one place to another? Probably not. Would you pay that much to protect a $100 bottle? Perhaps. $28 is the MSRP of VinniBag, a heavy plastic bag (requiring some inflating) d…

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