For Lovers of Petite Sirah

One week from today, growers, winemakers and, yes, lovers of Petite Sirah will gather at Concannon Vineyard in California’s Livermore Valley for a full day of seminars and tastings devoted to the variety.

Speakers will examine Petite Sirah from numerous angles. Here’s a look at the topics:

  • “Pleasure, Value and Adventure Beyond Wine’s Usual Suspects.”
  • “Natural Seasoning of American Oak.”
  • “The Pros and Cons of Dropping Crop: Quality Fruit in the Vineyards vs. Cost of Goods Debate.”
  • “Crafting Great Wine in the Vineyards: How This Team Takes It On.”
  • “Practical Food & Wine Pairings With Petite Sirah.”

The presenters include an author, a barrel maker, a grape grower, a winemaker and a sommelier.

The educational sessions will be followed by a luncheon, and then a sampling of Petite Sirah bottlings that has been dubbed, “Best of the Pets Tasting.”

For anyone who enjoys Petite Sirah, this symposium is highly recommended. Full information is available here.

That link simultaneously takes you to the P.S. I Love You website, which undoubtedly is the most comprehensive resource available on Petite Sirah. Among other things, on that site you’ll find:

  • A timeline-style history of the variety.
  • A list of frequently asked questions (along with answers).
  • Petite Sirah reviews dating back to 2002.
  • An array of P.S.-friendly recipes, provided by wineries that make the variety.
  • A blog devoted to Petite Sirah.

…and much more.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a glass of Petite Sirah and wanted to know more about it, bookmark:

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