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Remember Al Stewart? He’s No. 9 on Our List

If you know of him at all, you probably know Al Stewart for his 1976 hit single, “Year of the Cat.” Stewart would have a few minor hits after that, including “Time Passages” and “Song on the Radio.” But as the years passed and radio changed, Stewa…

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Same Issue, Different Tree

It’s déj vu all over again. Only the trees are different. Back in 1996, Sonoma County-based wine giant Kendall-Jackson secured the permits needed to remove 843 venerable oak trees from property it had purchased in Santa Barbara County. The re…

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The Countdown Begins…With a Tie

As promised, today we begin our unofficial, unscientific, completely subjective countdown of the Top 10 Wine Songs of All-Time. Over the next few weeks, we’ll weave our countdown in and around our regular Vinesse Today blog posts—so, in addition t…

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Here’s to the First Couple That Never Was

Lowell George, one of the founding members of the group Little Feat, wrote a lot of songs that have been covered by a lot of people. Among them was perhaps the ultimate rollin’-down-the-highway song (yes, even more epic than the Doobie Brothers’ “…

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