What Does the Future Hold for Landmark?

Nothing is forever in life, and the same could be said of the wine business.

Over time, wine estates evolve. They may get handed down to the owner’s son or daughter…they may get sold to a new owner…or they may simply shut down.

Landmark Vineyards, one of California’s leading Chardonnay makers for many years, is now going through the inevitable evolutionary process. It is being sold to a much larger company—Fiji Water—which late last year purchased the Justin Winery in California’s Paso Robles growing region.

Details of the sale can be found in this Wine Spectator report.

Landmark is a Sonoma Valley estate, and its Chardonnay bottling known as “Overlook” should not be overlooked when one is seeking a fruit-focused, easy-drinking white wine. For fans of full-bodied Chardonnay, Landmark crafts a rich, mouth-filling rendition known as Damaris Reserve.

Will both bottlings continue to be offered in years to come, once the new management team is entrenched? Time will tell, but here’s hoping Fiji executives are smart enough to realize a winery that ain’t broke doesn’t need to be fixed.

I also hope that the new owners will perpetuate the winery’s annual summer concert series, and continue to offer the performances for free.

Appearing at the winery today is a talented Spanish guitarist named Daniel Maya. If you’re a fan of Peter White or Jesse Cook…and if you’re anywhere near the Sonoma Valley…you should check him out.

A good crowd would be a good way of letting the new owners know that Landmark’s concerts are greatly anticipated and appreciated.

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