The Perfect Dinner Companion: Wine

When I’m in Chicago and want to be surrounded by wine while I’m eating, I head for Davanti Enoteca in Chitown’s Little Italy neighborhood.

You can see a number of photos in the restaurant’s online gallery, and a couple of them include good views of the wine racks. One scene not depicted in the photo gallery is eye candy for a wine lover: a wall of deconstructed wooden wine crates, complete with winery logos.

It’s a neat design element, but it’s also a statement about the restaurant: This place takes wine seriously.

The Davanti’s wine list includes selections by the bottle, by the quartino and by the glass. Almost all of the wines are from Italy, with a few stragglers from other countries thrown in, perhaps because of their name familiarity. You’ll find those under the heading, “Not Italian (But We Like Them Anyway).”

Other headings on the well-organized list include:

  • Clean and Crisp (Unpretentious)
  • Eccentric (Super Cool Whites)
  • Full & Vivacious (A Big Mouthful)
  • Not Too Big (Taking It Easy)
  • Unusual But Exceptional (Walk on the Wild Side)
  • Full Strength (Italian Classics)
  • Super-Duper Tuscans (Smoking Red Wines)

Food-wise, there are small-plate and full-serving options. I love risotto, and Davanti’s Risotto Carbonara is a wonderful dish, with pancetta, egg yolk, sweet peas and Parmigiano.

Good food…good wine…great atmosphere. Davanti’s Enoteca is everything I love about eating out.

Do you have a favorite restaurant for wining and dining? We’d love to hear about it in the comments box below.

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