Right Gift, Wrong “Holiday”

Here’s fair warning for all individuals who are involved in a relationship: tomorrow is Sweetest Day.

This “Hallmark holiday” takes place annually on the third Saturday of October, and I call it a “Hallmark holiday” because it is not mentioned in my Daytimer calendar/schedule book.

I often say, “If a project isn’t listed in my Daytimer, it’s not going to get done.” That’s how dependent I am on the book. Likewise, if the Daytimer doesn’t list a holiday…it’s not a holiday.

But don’t take our word for it. You can read about Sweetest Day here, and depending on the solidity of your relationship, I’d urge you to ignore the observance of Sweetest Day at your own peril.

So, let’s say you’re planning to pick up a gift for your sweetie, and since you’re both into wine, you’d like the gift to have something to do with the gift of the grape.

Well, do I have the perfect gift idea. Check it out here.

If you read the photo caption, you know that what you’ve just seen are two glass carafes that, when placed side by side, resemble the human heart.

And what better gift for a significant other than one involving the heart?

Okay, to be honest with you, at first glance, those carafes kind of creeped me out. A colleague who told me about them agreed, saying, “It actually would make me feel really uncomfortable to drink or pour from.”

I gotta agree. And I loved a couple of the comments that were posted underneath the picture.

Wrote Zarry, referencing the snob factor that permeates much of the wine world: “Now you can mix two different wines and watch your pseudo-sommelier friends have a heart attack.”

And then there was this from ChicagoD: “Eh, in retrospect, let’s get white wine.”

Or here’s another idea: Stick with red wine, but instead of using the carafes for a Sweetest Day present, use them to decorate the front door of your house on Halloween.

You’ll have the creepiest looking place in the neighborhood.

Care to join the conversation? Your thoughts… creepy or otherwise… are welcome in the comments box below.

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