A Cool Weather Heartwarmer

Now that the weather is changing — just ask the folks in the Northeast who endured that pre-Halloween snow storm — we’re returning to heartier dishes.

We’re talking about food that warms our hands and faces and other exposed body parts, as my Mom used to so graciously put it, in addition to our souls.

This traditional recipe from the Galicia region of Spain fits the soul-warming desire perfectly. The dish matches beautifully with most Spanish red wines, as well as Rhone blends from France and varietal wines such as Syrah, Grenache or Mourvedre.

This recipe makes 6 servings. Enjoy!



  • 1 whole shoulder of pork
  • 2.2-lbs. potatoes
  • 3 homemade chorizos
  • 1 bunch parsnip tops
  • Salt, to taste


1. Sear the pork shoulder and wash it in lukewarm water.

2. Cook it for 60 minutes and prick it with a fork to check whether it is ready. (Note: Some cooks recommend slow cooking — about 30 minutes per pound at 350 degrees.)

2a. Alternatively, turn off the heat and leave it all night in the cooking water. The next day, continue cooking the shoulder in the same water for two hours, and then add the chorizos.

3. Add salt to taste.

4. Take off a small amount of the water and use it to cook the potatoes and parsnip tops for about an hour. Increase the cooking time as necessary so the vegetables are done.

5. Serve the pork shoulder very hot on a tray, whole or in slices, together with the chorizo.

6. Place the well-dried parsnip tops in the center of another tray with the whole potatoes around them.


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