The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when we dress to impress — and we’re not talking about dressing the turkey.

Particularly if your in-laws are coming over, you’ll want the dinner table to look impressive… and stylish. You can accomplish that goal with a few holiday-centric additions from Williams-Sonoma, West Elm and Crate & Barrel.

The Woodland Turkey Dinnerware Collection isn’t something with which you’d set the table every day, but that’s the point. It was designed by Parisian artist Marc Lacaze, and the collection is decorated with a portrait of a turkey rambling through an autumn forest.

Check it out  by clicking here

To add splashes of color to the table, set it with Cross Dye Basic Napkins. The napkins may be “basic,” but the colors are vibrant. They’re sold in sets of 4.

See them in all their jewel-toned glory here.

You say you’re all set for dinnerware and napkins? You can still add a unique Thanksgiving touch to your dinner table with a Turkey Candleholder. The one we found from Crate & Barrel holds one tealight candle, and costs less than $5 — which means you can invest more in a fancy dessert.

You can learn more about the candleholder by clicking here

If it’s too late for you to track down these items in time for Turkey Day 2011, keep in mind that they’d make great holiday gifts this year for someone to use next year.

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