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The Best Way to Wash Wine Glasses

After the big Thanksgiving feast, one thing is certain: There will be lots of dishes… and lots of wine glasses… to wash. Whether you’ll be pouring wine in expensive Riedel stemware or the smallish logo glasses you’ve picked up during visits to…

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The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when we dress to impress — and we’re not talking about dressing the turkey. Particularly if your in-laws are coming over, you’ll want the dinner table to look impressive… and stylish. You can accomplish that…

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Wine With Candied Yams?

We get lots of questions about pairing wine with food, especially this time of the year — when we tend to eat certain dishes that aren’t all that common the rest of the year. Case in point: candied yams. Around my house, it’s rare to encounter thi…

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Options for Staying Out of the Kitchen

Is all of this talk about the big Turkey Day feast prompting more stress than joy? Hey, you’ve worked hard all year. If you really don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen on Thanksgiving… or cleaning up the mess afterward… don’t! Eschew tra…

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