A New Dining Destination in Napa

As the editor of The Grapevine, which is the official newsletter of the wine clubs of Vinesse, I often hear from readers who are planning trips to wine country.

In most cases, they’ve done their research on the wineries they want to visit, but are looking for recommendations on where to eat.

Here’s a question that came in recently, along with an answer that may be of interest to anyone who may be Napa-bound over the next few months…

QUESTION: I’ve been reading about the many new restaurants in the town of Napa, both in The Grapevine and in other publications. Is there one in particular that you folks at Vinesse really like?

ANSWER: You’re right: Napa no longer is the sleepy little town that it once was, and there are numerous places where one can enjoy a memorable meal.

Among the newer restaurants, 1313 Main has generated a great deal of buzz with its fireside lounge and other wining/dining spaces.

Its name not only is a reflection of its address on Main Street, but also of its beverage concept, which involves an ever-changing list of 13 white wines, 13 red wines and, for those who prefer some carbonation, 13 craft beers.

Toss in charcuterie and artisanal cheeses, and you have many reasons not only to visit, but to linger — an ideal climate for a wine lover.

To learn more about the restaurant, go to: www.1313main.com

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Do you have a favorite dining destination in the Napa Valley… or perhaps over on the Sonoma side? Share your recommendations in the Comments box below.

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