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Wine Resolutions for the New Year

Yes, it’s that time of year again: time to make all kinds of unrealistic resolutions that we have absolutely no chance of keeping. Rather than setting ourselves up for disappointment, we’ve decided to do things a little differently this year: We’r…

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Welcoming the New Year in 8 Languages

As America becomes ever more diversified, knowing how to welcome the new year with an appropriate toast becomes an ever more appreciated skill. When you raise a glass this coming Monday, here’s what to say in eight languages: Portuguese — Saude! (…

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Is There a River in Your Wine Future?

“A wine like Pinot Noir is bound to have a pretty big mystique, and Pinot Noir wears its like a rap star wears gold.” So wrote New York wine writer Eric Asimov, and when it comes to American Pinot Noir, it’s tough to beat the renditions grown and …

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A Post-Christmas Story With a Lot of Heart

Christmas may have come and gone for another year, but I’m in the mood for one more good Christmas story. This one involves a long-time wine industry friend of mine, Daryl Groom—the man who elevated Sonoma County’s Geyser Peak Winery to world-clas…

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We’re Taking the Day Off

On this special day, wine blogging is being replaced by trying to assemble toys for the grandkids (the words “some assembly required” should be banned from the English language) and giving thanks for all comforts we enjoy in the Johnson household….

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Vinous Advice for Holiday Leftovers… and Santa

The one thing most holiday meals have in common, regardless of the main course, is the depth and breadth of the side dishes. It’s as close as we get to having the smorgasbord experience in our homes.With so much food, there is one thing that’s ine…

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So Long! It’s Been Great! Wait a Minute… What?

Since the world will be ending soon (it could be any minute now), there will be no blog post here today. I’d like to thank you for following us through the years. We’ve had some fun, haven’t we? And with that, so long, and cheers! What’s that? You…

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Escape to Wine Country Now… or Later

Tomorrow is the first day of winter. Depending on where you live, this probably does not come as big news; it certainly hasn’t felt like summer for a long time. Some people embrace the season; others hate it. But if there’s one thing we have learn…

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A Few Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Are you over a barrel over what to give the wine lover in your life this holiday season? Other than specially selected bottles of wine (naturally), you may want to consider custom wine barrel furniture from a company called, appropriately enough, …

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Bubbly Bliss: Mastering the Lingo

’Tis the season for Champagne, Cava, Prosecco or sparkling wine by whatever name. Whether you’re planning a holiday meal or simply toasting the new year, bubbly lends a festive flair to any occasion. But keep in mind that not all sparkling wines a…

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