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How (Wine) Times Have Changed in Lodi

In recent years, the wine clubs of Vinesse have featured a number of wines from California’s Lodi growing district. Why? Because they’re good! For many of those years, however, there was no “there” there when it came to Lodi. There was lots of vin…

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A Super-Easy Dish for Super Sunday

Have you figured out what you’ll be serving during the “big game” next Sunday? We speak, of course, of the NFL Super Bowl, pitting the New York Giants against the New England Patriots. It’s likely to be the most-watched television program of the y…

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Vinous Adventures in Portugal and South Africa

My first taste of international travel, other than a couple of long weekends in western Canada, came on a trip to Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon. I loved how a centuries-old downtown area had been preserved by designating most of the new constr…

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The Top Wine Stories of 2011

Criticizing the critic has become great sport in the Internet age, when anyone with an opinion — educated or otherwise — can share it with pretty much the whole world. Human nature motivates many to go after the “big dogs” with their criticism — p…

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