The Top Wine Stories of 2011

Criticizing the critic has become great sport in the Internet age, when anyone with an opinion — educated or otherwise — can share it with pretty much the whole world.

Human nature motivates many to go after the “big dogs” with their criticism — people like Roger Ebert, among movie critics; Rolling Stone magazine, among music critics; and Wine Spectator magazine, among wine critics.

We’ve done our share of Spectator critiquing over the years, but we’ve always tried to keep the criticism impersonal, on point and civil. And here’s a simple truth that those who love to hate the Spectator won’t want to hear: Year in and year out, Wine Spectator provides a great deal of useful information for any wine drinker with an open mind.

With that as a prelude, and still less than a month into the new year, we thought you might like to peruse the Spectator’s top wine stories of 2011. There’s a mix of news and views, and some of it is self-serving, but it all makes for interesting reading.

Check it out here (

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