How (Wine) Times Have Changed in Lodi

In recent years, the wine clubs of Vinesse have featured a number of wines from California’s Lodi growing district.

Why? Because they’re good!

For many of those years, however, there was no “there” there when it came to Lodi. There was lots of vineyard land — as far as the eye could see in some places — but only a handful of wineries.

That has changed, as the question and answer in this “FAQ” demonstrate…

QUESTION: We’re going to be spending some time in Sacramento next spring, and have thought about visiting wineries around Lodi. We were there about 25 years ago and there really wasn’t much to see. Is it worth a trip now?

ANSWER: Absolutely. In years past, Lodi was mainly a grape-growing region, supplying fruit to some of the state’s largest wineries. But beginning in the mid-1990s, some of the long-time growers decided to make and sell their own wine.

Today, there are dozens of wine estates — mostly family-owned — that sell their wares to visitors. In many cases, the people pouring the wine in the tasting rooms are the owners and/or winemakers.

With each passing vintage, they prove that when grapevines are pruned to limit yields, outstanding wines can be the result.

For a comprehensive list of wineries, a handy map, hotel and restaurant information, plus info on special events — such as the upcoming Lodi Wine & Chocolate Weekend (Feb. 11-12) — click here (

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